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Farm-to-Table Foodies


Do you have what it takes to host your very own culinary show?  It’s time to share your passion for true farm to table recipe curation!  The Grand Return welcomes chefs, food bloggers, and recipe curators passionate about farm-to-table food to share your recipe curation in a one to three minute short, and make sure to throw in your favorite locally sourced ingredients.  The top entries will release to the public in a competition style format.  

Scenic aerial view of Tegallalang rice field on Bali, Indonesia


A TGR TV Original series unearthing the challenges and triumphs of sustainable farms, wineries, and eateries around the world, and the big “why” of the intrepid people behind them.

In a time when what we eat has produced the largest industries on the globe, this series opens hearts and minds to healthier farming methods, and why patronizing sustainable farms is the solution to the world’s broken food system.

Back to Our Roots visits farms and vineyards to explores the human relationship with food and land. Peppered amid good stories told around campfires and glasses of cabernet backdropped by strikingly beautiful landscapes, are the issues raised concerning the environment, cost inflation, product scarcity, supply chain issues, and factory farming. This series leaves the viewer with ideas for what they themselves can do and incorporate at home, and a path back to our roots.

TGR TV Back to Our Roots
TGR TV Back to Our Roots
TGR TV Back to Our Roots