TGR TV is a television production company with an award-winning team. Specifically with a focus on environmental stewardship, sustainability, and science, we are an impact-driven entertainment content supplier with a line-up of original documentary films and unscripted series produced for network television and worldwide streaming platforms—including our own Eco Farm Finder platform and App. Using entertainment and moving visual art to expand knowledge and minds, we bring viewers on adventures in the natural world and beyond. 

Scenic aerial view of Tegallalang rice field on Bali, Indonesia


A TGR TV Original series hosted by Penelope Jean Hayes who asks deep questions, unearthing the challenges and triumphs of sustainable farms, wineries, and eateries around the world, and the big “why” of the intrepid people behind them.

In a time when what we eat has produced the largest industries on the globe, this series opens hearts and minds to healthier farming methods, and why patronizing sustainable farms is the solution to the world’s broken food system.

Penelope travels the world visiting farms and vineyards and explores the human relationship with food and land. Peppered amid good stories told around campfires and glasses of cabernet backdropped by strikingly beautiful landscapes, are the issues raised concerning the environment, cost inflation, product scarcity, supply chain issues, and factory farming. Each episode has our host dive in and work a day in the life of the grower/farmer; she’s sometimes a fish out of water, yet always willing to get dirty. This series leaves the viewer with ideas for what they themselves can do and incorporate at home, and a path back to our roots.

TGR TV Back to Our Roots
TGR TV Back to Our Roots
TGR TV Back to Our Roots
Family having a picnic

Image Credit: Daniel Kordan


A TGR TV Original series hosted by South African conservationist and adventurer Eugene Cussons who is best known as the first Rescue Director of the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa, and Host of Animal Planet’s successful series Escape to Chimp Eden. 

In Returning Africa, South African conservationist Eugene Cussons traverses an entire continent from Cairo to Cape Town, sometimes by land and often by sky using cutting-edge personal aviation technology to propel him to unvisited lands. Along the way he encounters African tribes whose way of surviving is being pushed out by the modern world. But what can we learn from their ways of agriculture, hunting, building materials, and sustainability with the land? Eugene aims to find out as he integrates with the people, sheltering under their roof and at the mercy of their hospitality. It’s an epic 10,000-kilometer journey that crosses ten international borders to arrive at profound yet often simple ecological solutions that could benefit our own way of living.

Returning Africa Eugene Cussons
Elephant and Kilimanjaro


It began as a journey to unearth hidden wisdom from Ancient Egypt, but when American documentary filmmaker Sasha Countryman returns to Egypt three years later, she realizes ancient messages are more about our future than our past.  This TGR TV Original feature length documentary features interviews with Dr. Zahi Hawass, named by the City of Rome as the “Most Famous Egyptologist in the World,” and A-list Egyptian actress Injy El Mokkaddem.

Family having a picnic


A TGR TV Original series hosted by journalist Penelope Jean Hayes who travels the world exploring astrobiological evidence, tech for off-planet travel, the science of consciousness and environmental repair, and ancient civilizations with important messages for today.

This series does not dabble in conspiracy or hover on whether UFO sightings are real; it’s an adventure that dives deep into life in the universe, theoretical physics of traveling beyond our world, and technology that could solve energy and resource needs for the planet we’re living on.