TGR TV is a streaming network of television series, documentary films and shorts designed to educate, entertain and inspire a return to a more connected and sustainable way of livingOur passion is to inspire connection and experiences, with a niche focus on the human relationship with food and land.  We strive to make direct and local sourcing the norm, not the alternative, to “know your farmer” and “know your food.”  Currently in development are TGR TV Originals, Back to Our Roots, Returning Africa, Farm to Fork, and Exploring Unified Science.  In addition to originals, the network features limited series acquisitions.

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Do you have what it takes to host your very own culinary show?  It’s time to shine!  The Grand Return welcomes any and all Farm-to-Table Foodies to share a favorite recipe in a one to three minute short, and make sure to throw in your secret sauce.  The top 100 entries will release to the public in a competition style format, coinciding with the launch of TGR TV this Spring.  Ten finalists will be selected.

Scenic aerial view of Tegallalang rice field on Bali, Indonesia


A TGR TV Original series hosted by Penelope Jean Hayes who asks deep questions, unearthing the challenges and triumphs of sustainable farms, wineries, and eateries around the world, and the big “why” of the intrepid people behind them.

TGR TV Back to Our Roots
TGR TV Back to Our Roots
TGR TV Back to Our Roots
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A TGR TV Original series is a restaurant review show hosted by Amy Seder and Brandon Burkley, a couple who travel the world tasting and reviewing farm-to-table eateries. They’re hotter than an iron skillet and exemplify an aspirational lifestyle of mindfulness, travel, and food.


It began as a journey to unearth hidden wisdom from Ancient Egypt, but when two American documentary filmmakers return to Egypt three years later, they realize ancient messages are more about our future than our past.

This TGR TV Original limited-series documentary is presented by Sasha Frate and Ty Johnson and featuring interviews with Dr. Zahi Hawass, named by the City of Rome as the “Most Famous Egyptologist in the World,” and A-list Egyptian actress Injy El Mokkaddem.

Family having a picnic

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A TGR TV Original series hosted by South African conservationist and adventurer Eugene Cussons who is best known as the first Rescue Director of the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa, and Host of Animal Planet’s successful series Escape to Chimp Eden. In Returning Africa, Eugene traverses the entire African continent from Cairo to Cape Town, enculturating with native tribes whose way of surviving is on the edge of life and death. It’s an epic 10,000-kilometer journey that crosses ten international borders to arrive at profound yet often simple ecological solutions that could benefit our own way of living.

Returning Africa Eugene Cussons
Elephant and Kilimanjaro

Where to Watch

TGR TV is available without the limitations of a paywall, making it accessible to anyone with a phone or tablet.