Traveling the World Through the Eyes of Mario Pfahl

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Written by Mario Pfahl

May 1, 2022

South Tyrol

South Tyrol is located in northern Italy, directly at the foot of the majestic Dolomites, and this is exactly the reason why I love this area so much. For the first half of a day you can have a good time hiking beneath mountainscapes along lakes such as the “Lago di Carezza” or the “Lago di Braies,” while enjoying a view on the enormous Dolomites.

south tyrol traveling the world Mario Pfahl

Later on you can savor precious Italian food… the best pizza or pasta?  It’s exactly what you’ll need and crave after an intense hike. Particularly characteristic for this area is that almost everywhere you are, you can take a rest and enjoy the view of the Dolomites that peak to 3.343 meters high and never fail to amaze!

south tyrol travel destination mario pfahl

Valle Maggia

Have you ever been to a place where it felt like you were set back in time hundreds of years? Valle Maggia is a magical region in southern Switzerland, and it has a breathtaking landscape to fall for. Driving along the narrow roads will lead your way through cozy old villages with houses that are traditionally, completely made of stone in order to resist the mountain winds.

valle maggia turquoise water
valle maggia traveling the world Mario Pfahl

The green landscape combined with the mountain scenery in the background and this magical architecture create an unrivaled experience. Premium spots such as the “Valle Verzasca” or many mountain lakes, such as the “Robiei” will astonish you again and again.

valle maggia turquoise water green nature


My most favorite place on earth is without a doubt- Iceland. While driving along the roads with your camper, one moment you feel like you ended up in a green and vital area of moss that has grown for hundreds of years, and in just a blink of an eye later you find yourself in a dark and threatening looking area that is marked due to recent volcano eruptions.

iceland traveling the world through the eyes of Mario Pfahl
iceland majestic horse charcoal grey

Where else on this planet can you hike on glaciers, walk along the edge of a volcanic crater, enjoy the sunrays at a black sand beach while watching seals, and stroll through a green moss landscape feeding wild horses? And all this in only one day? This is Iceland.

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