The Transformational Power Of Nature & Sacred Geometry

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Drew Brophy

Written by Drew Brophy

May 14, 2022

Our modern world is moving too fast and it is full of distractions.  It is overwhelming and chaotic.  I think this is because we have attempted to recreate something that already exists within us; a web of information and devices to access it.  It is a false reality which is easily corrupted.  With this we have become disconnected from the true field of nature, which we call presence.  We have forgotten our true language and our innate connection to this field.  

sacred geometry art pyramid Drew Brophy

Many people don’t realize that we, ourselves, are the devices which we experience through our senses and gain feedback via our emotions.  We have forgotten how to use our own natural born sensors, and the false field is tricking our emotional response, causing confusion.

Transformation, for me, came from spending time being present, in nature.  This led me to a deeper understanding of sacred geometry and the language that describes how everything in the Universe works.

Imagine how being truly present can shift your perception.  As a surfer and an artist, my understanding of the world has sharpened to an ever-expanded understanding of all that is.

When surfing, I am immersed in three great interwoven energies, the ocean, the atmosphere, and the sun.  The ocean is the perfect place to feel the heartbeat of the planet. I’ve become an expert in meteorology and sensitive to the slightest changes in wind or temperature. 

The waves are born from the ever-present solar wind, charging and stirring up the atmosphere, thus generating waves across the globe. It is amazing that a surfer can get into this rhythm and attempt to catch this last breath of liquid light. In that moment inside the vortex of a curling wave, you feel pure joy and for a few seconds, time slows to nearly stopped, and you are fully present.

Drew Brophy surfing

Good design in art mimics the perfection of designs we see in nature.  It’s really the ability to articulate beauty.  The beauty comes from the underlying geometry and the essence of being present.”


sacred geometry art Drew Brophy
Drew Brophy art

In an attempt to better understand what I thought I was feeling and seeing, I began studying ancient symbols and sacred geometry.  In the symbols I saw many similar ideas describing vectors, spin, and dimension.  I wondered what they were trying to tell us. 

One day I started drawing geometry, which was meditative, and the focus expanded my thoughts.  Then I started painting giant canvas, adding the flower of life and other sacred geometries.  The rhythm of painting circles was magic, unveiling a hidden language of intelligent design, like a fabric or field in which we are all connected.   I understood for the first time the mechanism of nature and I felt the presence of divinity everywhere.

We all should practice being more present so that we can reconnect to the true field.  When we are present, time seems to slow, in those moments we gain clarity.


Turn off your devices and get into nature, and enjoy the best device of all, and that is, yourself.  You will recharge and see the world with fresh eyes.  It will wake up all your senses and enable you to experience the earth in all its divine glory. Maybe you will remember who you really are and why you are here. We are the light and life is beautiful.

sacred geometry art Drew Brophy

A life-long surfer and student of physics, Drew Brophy is known for his Quantum Art, which incorporates sacred geometry, and his distinctive style of Surf Inspired Art.

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