Full itinerary and final dates will be announced in June!

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TGR in egypt

Join The Grand Return’s founding team and our exceptional guides and presenters for a one week or extended two week journey in Egypt! 

Named “Sol Tour” for a special occurrence you will experience at Abu Simbel Temple- the solar alignment takes place on the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Ramses II. 

As we embark on this “grand return” to some of our ancient ways of being, we aim to share unique experiences and research in Egypt that helps us reunite with our past. Guest presenters will share their latest research that bridges ancient practices with modern applications today. 

Our founding team will also share insights on our latest research and impact projects, many of which are focused initially in Egypt and MENA region.  Each week we will host one of our “PERSPECTIVES” talks in the evening that gives you a behind the scenes look at several of our collaborative projects, and the big questions that keep us exploring and seeking perspectives from our collaborative network of leading experts in a variety of fields.

Week 1 Preview – Egypt Sol Tour

Week 2 Preview – Extended Egypt Sol Tour

Week 1, Staying in Cairo

During the first week of the tour, you will be staying at Hyatt Regency West in Cairo.  We have mindfully selected this hotel for your stay in our ongoing effort to support sustainability.  

WEEK TWO on the Nile River

More than five million years ago, the Nile began to flow northwards into Egypt.  Since then, the river has been recognized as the source of all life, sometimes described as the spine of Africa and even our entire planet. Traveling along the Nile River today is a truly magical journey!  During the second week of the tour, you will enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Nile with daily excursions for site visits. 


solar alignment event

Enjoy a unique experience with solar alignment at Abu Simbel.  The sun’s rays penetrate the front corridor of the entrance to the Temple with a length of 200 meters until it reaches the Holy of Holies, illuminating the faces of King Ramses II, the god Ra-Hor, and his sister, the god Amun. 


Reunite With the wisdom of OUR Past

Ancient civilizations harnessed incredible knowledge of our world, utilizing the vast natural powers available in the region.  Many different artifacts and monuments have been discovered that demonstrate a great potential for humanity.  Egypt holds many keys to wisdom of the past, and the Grand Return shares this pivotal ancient knowledge through our tours and unique experiences. As we embark on this “grand return” to our ancient way of being, Egypt is a valuable region to connect and reunite with our past.  


Our Guides & Presenters

More details including full list of guides & presenters coming soon!

Patricia Awyan

Patricia Awyan Lehman

TGR Tour Guide 

dr khaled helmy egypt expert

Dr. Khaled Helmy

Director of Luxor & Karnak Temples | TGR Guide & Presenter 

Sasha Nubian Village

Sasha Frate

TGR Founder & Presenter

ty giza plateau

Ty Johnson

TGR Founder & Presenter

Thanks for being here, we’re excited to journey with you!

Full itinerary released in June.