The Art of Visual Storytelling with Mike Bishop

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Written by Mike Bishop

May 2, 2022

Comparing Film & Still Photography

Video is more of a sensory experience because there is more of a sense of time moving – there is a greater need to tell a complete story. You can’t do that in a still image.

With a still, you are allowed to rely a lot to the imagination of the viewer, but with video, you literally have to tell every piece of that story in a way that will be able to be effectively communicated to a broad audience.

Glacial rivers in Iceland are beyond imagination Captured with the

In contrast to video, there is this extraordinary ability to stop time with still photo and to capture the feeling and mood of a moment with incredible succinctness. I love to look at an image and be transported to a single place in time, and I don’t think that there’s any other medium with the ability to do that in the way that a still photograph can. 

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