ViA Heat Balance | Insulated Crystal Water Bottle



12.2 fl.oz. insulating glass bottle with a holistic blend of genuine crystals.  Infuses your warm or cool drink with positive energy on-the-go.  Naturopathic doctors have been using the vibrant energy of precious stones to prepare potent crystal elixirs for their therapies for many years.  Whether you are drinking a glass of freshly purified water or enjoying your favorite tea, this insulated glass bottle is up for the task.  Ice cold, steaming hot, no problem.


In the natural healing arts this blend of sodalite and clear quartz is said to encourage awareness, being true to oneself and even help quench your thirst!  The powerful addition of chalcedony is with the intention to bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit all into harmony.


Fair Trade:

We take the responsible sourcing, mining, and trade of gemstones very seriously.  It is reflected in the standards we hold ourselves and our suppliers up to since our beginning.  We are committed to the fair and just growth of the gem and mineral trade.

In fact, it is part of what sets us apart from those out there copying VitaJuwel's original crystal water bottle design, or those creating alternate bottle designs and crystal straws that utilize stones sourced by third-party manufacturers—in China especially.  We believe everyone benefits from maintaining long-standing, direct relationships with mines and highly reputable dealers around the world.  Without those relationships, it is very possible stones will have been sourced in places like regions that suffer from conflict and inhumane conditions.  We refuse to use gems from suppliers who cannot trace the origin of their materials.


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