Organic Essential Oil Set


A collection for people who love the outdoors.  This gift set includes our full lineup of pure essential oils — the aromatic essence of the deserts, coasts and mountains of the west.  Sustainably wild harvested on the trail by Juniper Ridge, and steam distilled in their Oakland workshop.  When you can’t gift wrap the wilderness, bring nature home.  100% Steam distilled essential oils.


Products Included:

Coastal Pine Essential Oil, Desert Cedar Essential Oil, Cascade Forest Essential Oil, Redwood Mist Essential Oil, White Sage Essential Oil

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways: use in a diffuser to create an aromatic experience (our essential oils can be used in all types of diffusers), add a few drops in your bath or shower, or mix a few drops of our pure plant essential oils to unscented lotions, hair products, organic almond or jojoba oil for an all-natural fragrance and moisturizer.

Essential Oils have been used since the dawn of humanity when our ancestors cultivated plants and minerals for use in medicinal and spiritual practices.  Essential, aromatic, and natural oils have been utilized throughout history by many cultures to celebrate milestones, commemorate accomplishments, to sacrifice and honor God/the Gods, and to improve a personal or community sense of well-being.  There are present day implications of over 20,000 years of History for the use of medicinal plants and the oils that were extracted from them.

In early recorded History the Egyptians as far back as 4500BC build much of their civilization and economy on the value carried in healing oils.  Oils were used for trade as ointments and aromatics by healers, combined with pigment to make paints and cosmetics, and used in herbal preparations that adorned Royals and raised the dowry on a bride.  Often, healing oils were made in combination with perfumes and incense or spices and aromatics, barks, and Sea Salts, to incorporate Earths elements to enrich the experience.  Many Egyptians, like modern alchemists, distilled their own oils or imported the best ingredients from around the world to bring about the best results and health outcomes for their patients, devotees, and clients.

Juniper Ridge uses sustainably harvested plants and steam distillation to craft fragrance for home & body in Oakland, CA.  By focusing on plants native to the West Coast, they bring the beauty of natural splendor into your home.  Juniper Ridge is paraben and sulfate-free, and sustainably harvested with organic ingredients.  Dye-free, petroleum product free an cruelty-free.  Good for the whole person, without forgetting our planet.


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