Era Crystal Home Water Set | Flower of Life


Throughout the ages, in ancient manuscripts and temple inscriptions there has always been one symbol in all cultures that stood for the harmony, balance and endless mystery of the universe:  The Flower of Life.  The oldest depiction (in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt) date back at least 6,000 years.  Everything seen and unseen in nature and beyond is depicted by this forceful ornament of overlapping circles.  The symbol has been studied by Leonardo da Vinci, and some say that the Flower of Life provides enlightenment to those who emerge themselves in the symbol and its perfect form.  This special edition features an extra-large Flower of Life symbol on the glass part of the bottle.  Made by master glass artisans in Bohemia.


Amethyst is the stone of the crown chakra.  Incredibly protective, healing and purifying, it is said to bring forth humility, sincerity and inner wisdom.  Aquamarine is used to clear the mind, calm the heart and quiet the mind.  The perfect meditation stone.  Those two are certainly ranking amongst the top ten of the most used crystals.  Together they act as powerful door openers for enlightenment and a higher consciousness.


Fair Trade:

We take the responsible sourcing, mining, and trade of gemstones very seriously.  It is reflected in the standards we hold ourselves and our suppliers up to since our beginning.  We are committed to the fair and just growth of the gem and mineral trade.

In fact, it is part of what sets us apart from those out there copying VitaJuwel's original crystal water bottle design, or those creating alternate bottle designs and crystal straws that utilize stones sourced by third-party manufacturers—in China especially.  We believe everyone benefits from maintaining long-standing, direct relationships with mines and highly reputable dealers around the world.  Without those relationships, it is very possible stones will have been sourced in places like regions that suffer from conflict and inhumane conditions.  We refuse to use gems from suppliers who cannot trace the origin of their materials.


Comes With: gemstone vial | glass decanter with stainless steel lid
Dimensions & Weight: volume 1,3 L | height 360 mm | diameter 115 mm
Material: glass | gemstones | stainless steel | silicone
Care: handwash gemstone vial, decanter dishwasher-proof


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