Neith, As Queen Bee, Weaves the Fabric of Our Reality

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Patricia Awyan

Written by Patricia Awyan Lehman

May 19, 2022

It is no accident that bees are significant symbols of wisdom, fertility and the sacred feminine. The geometric design of their honey combs reflects the fabric of the universe as the dress or ‘veil’ of the ancient Egyptian Netert, Neith. Also spelled out as Nit, Net, or Neit, she is the first and the prime creator of the universe and great mother of the sun.  Emerging from pre-dynastic times, her temple in the Nile Delta at Sais was called ‘The House of the Bee‘ and it was said that she wove the world into being on her loom. All vibrating patterns of life and breath are fractally connected to the finely woven fabric of her womb.

Although the meaning of her mysterious crown has been long debated, this symbol, which is also found on the chest of the ancient Egyptian cobras, can be seen quite clearly, in my opinion, as the dual opposing wave forms that form a torus field.

The Torus field forms due to the duality within the cosmic egg. All of what we perceive as creation exists because of the first torus.  The thunder caused by the friction of the two innate polarities uniting within the egg is the original sound that created the spark of life.  The body of the cobra above, in the middle image, would have been zig-zagging across the top of the head of the diadem’s wearer, to and from the left and right sides of the brain.  That spark, as the first breath is personified as the Neter, Hu, who also represents the illusion of linear time, and therefore space as the yin yang motion of the cosmic serpent as a sine wave.  Hu was the personification of Divine Utterance or sound as the ‘word of God’.

All is waveform.  This watery wave form is the illusory backdrop for our perception of reality which is known in India as ‘Maya’.  In Egypt today, we still use this ancient word for water or Maya, when we ask for a glass or bottle of water.  The Hieroglyph for water is waveform and it represents the phonetic consonant ‘N’, which is used to begin our title for Neith.

Neith Egypt

Time is not an eternal constant but a flexible principle that causes separation.  Creation is ultimately motion and therefore, separation from Source as a breath of light.  The innate duality of all lifeforms is typified by this inherent zig-zag motion that creates a pattern of highs and lows, positives and negatives moving in opposite directions that we often describe as the roller coaster of life.  We live in a world of opposition. We recognize the division between feminine and masculine, light and dark, positive and negative, polarity and so on. In order to procreate, the female and male must come together as one and exchange energy and it is from this union that a process of separation is performed which results in the birth of offspring.  Time keeps us on a journey of separation that ultimately distances us from our moment and place of birth– our Source.

The light of day is clearly separated from the darkness of night in any given moment, as illustrated by the sun wave path around the sphere of the earth, marking the journey of the Sun as the Neter, Ra- which can be viewed on the detail from the inner coffin of Nespawershefyt below on the right.

Mut and Meryetamun

This pattern exists as the foundation for all that is considered alive. All is dual and all moves in nonlinear patterns.  We perceive our physical reality as reflections of these patterns of light.

You’re a refraction of the one light. You’re a waveform of light. You’re a fractal, a pattern that continuously changes.”    — Frederick Lenz

What is a Torus Field?

The toroidal field is a donut-shaped energy field which illustrates how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic process. Each atom, and everything on earth is surrounded by its own energy field known as the Torus. It is a self-sustaining balanced dynamic energy flow process consisting of a single axis and two vortices. Energy passes through one vortex, along the center of the axis, out the other vortex, wraps back around the circumference and renews by passing through the original vortex. The Earth’s Torus is run through the center of the planet and creates our atmosphere.

torus field

This creative force of nature can be used to describe tornadoes, whirlpools, black holes and magnetic fields, as well as the energy fields around planets, stars and the sun. It is also found to exist around every living organism on earth, including human beings. Many believe today that our consciousness actually lies within the patterning of this energy flow that surrounds us.  And when we can raise our levels of awareness, we can actually begin to tap into the ageless wisdom within the fields of consciousness that embrace our earth, the sun– and universe.

Scientists struggle with the probability that consciousness is tied into the rhythm of the fabric of the Universe, however, human beings could be transformed by this knowledge. To understand this, as the ancients did, is to recognize that when we perceive the patterns and cycles of vibrating wave forms and how they breathe out into fractal versions of the same patterns, it enables us to learn how to navigate and even harness the currents in order to achieve harmonic resonance in any given moment.

The ancients us left an esoteric guide within their mythology, symbolism and iconography, as well as the formulas derived from the deep understanding of what their sacred rituals actually represented. (I would suggest researching the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Egyptian architect and founder of BioGeometry, the science of utilizing the energetic and qualitative principles of shape, color, angle and flow to balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment.)

Cosmic Egg that cracks open and gives birth to universal flow, is the foundation of creation myths cross culturally. An apt way to describe the spark of life may be to compare it to a lightning strike accompanying the sound of thunder that cracks open the shell of the seed that contains the unlimited potentials of conscious awareness. It is why we see so many storm gods as fertility gods in ancient mythologies worldwide.


    cosmic egg

    The Hindu Rigveda, written in India around the 15th – 12th Century B.C., describes a cyclical or oscillating universe in which a Cosmic Egg, or Brahmanda, containing the whole universe expands out of a single concentrated point which they call the Bindu.

    As the Fabric of Reality of this oscillating universe, Neith is responsible for our first perception of form as Matter.  She holds the seeds of form within her garment, or ‘veil of forgetfulness’ that exists in all of the electromagnetic fields that surround all lifeforms in spinning motion.  Perhaps these spinning bodies must be stilled in order for her veil to drop and truths to be revealed.

    Walter Russell (1871–1963), an American genius, artist, sculptor, architect, and a controversial figure in physics and cosmogony, stated that in the wave lies the secret of creation:

    That which man calls matter, or substance, has no existence whatsoever. So-called matter is but waves of the motion of light, electrically divided into opposed pairs, then electrically conditioned and patterned into what we call various substances of matter. Briefly put, matter is but the motion of light, and motion is not substance. It only appears to be. Take motion away and there would not be even the appearance of substance.” 

    -Walter Russell

    It is All an Illusion



    Later determined to be a goddess of war and of hunting, Neith’s symbol consisted of two crossed arrows over what some have called a shield.  Arrows have been known to be ancient symbols of rays or bursts of light emerging from stars or suns. It is from these arrows of light, that incredible sacred geometric patterns are formed throughout the heavens that give birth to our conscious awareness. They form the arena for our perception of reality and the very fabric of the cosmos as the Neter, Hu, who as sacred sound, personifies the universal language of light.

    The crossing of Neith’s ‘arrows’ has a hugely profound significance. The crossing of any two lines creates a portal between two opposing fields of energy. And yes, it is from this point at the center, that a central axis for the formation of the toroidal field can emerge.

    Schwaller de Lubicz introduced a concept that he called ‘the principle of the crossing’,  relating to the crossing of two lines.  According to Robert Lawlor in the Translator’s Foreward in Schwaller’s ‘Temple in Man’:  

    This crossing was not a sterile, mental, numerical manipulation but a symbol for the process by which things enter into corporeal existence. All birth into nature required a crossing of opposites. It can be a crossing of vertical and horizontal lines which give birth to the square, the first measurable surface; or male and female giving birth to a new individual; or warp and weft creating a fabric; or light and darkness giving birth to tangible forms; or matter and spirit giving birth to life itself.”

    Seshat Egypt heiroglyphics

    The Sema Tawy is also very ancient symbol of the ‘Great Yogic Breath of Life’—with the earliest versions containing no images of Neteru. It is usually translated as “Uniter of the Two Lands”. The symbolic depiction illustrates a windpipe or trachea which form the axis from which the Torus Field develops from the lungs. The papyrus and lotus plants represent the duality of breath of the ‘bronchial tree’ within the respiratory system. This is crowned by the vocal cords or voice box from which, Sound as the Neter, Hu emanates. The trachea stood for unification, while the papyrus and lily plants were said to represent the duality of Lower and Upper Egypt.

    Egypt hieroglyph

    The dual energies symbolized by the papyrus and lotus embody masculine and feminine principles as well as the implied intake and outtake of breath or pulsing sound or tone (frequency) to and from the lungs.

    The shape of the “T” or TA/Tau–is a cross cultural symbol that can be related to the constellation of Taurus (Tau–rus) and the Pleiades —as Taurus is known in the field of astrology,  to rule the throat, voice and resonance. This spinning polarized ‘Breath of Life’  is reflected in the Torus fields that pulse outward from our individual Chakras (Chak-RAs) or inner suns, as well as the earth’s and sun’s magnetic fields.

    We also see this mirrored in Photosynthesis as a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms’ activities. And this leads to the essential Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide Cycle of life on Earth. During photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen as a waste product. All animals, including humans, require oxygen to survive. Animals breathe in the oxygen made by plants and breathe out carbon dioxide as a waste product. Plants need the carbon dioxide from animals to live and animals must have the oxygen from plants to survive. All of this is powered by the light of the sun.

    Animals and plants rely on each other for survival on Earth, and yet—without the Sun none of them would survive. The ancients were not ‘worshiping the sun’ as a ‘god’ as we understand it. They were recognizing the sun as the vital force of nature that ignites and sustains the eternal cycles of life on earth.

    We can choose to breathe into and out of harmony. When masculine and feminine forces marry or bond, we see the esoteric union that gives birth to a new rising sun, son, or cycle. When these same forces of nature repel, there is a ‘fall’ into separation consciousness. When we breath in resonance with each other and our natural environment, we can rise to higher states of awareness as we move into a more unified consciousness. However, if we destroy the vehicle that sustains the breath, we cease to function at all.

    Neith is Our Queen Bee

    Proclus (412–485 AD), a Greek Neoplatonist philosopher, wrote that the adyton or innermost sanctum of the temple of Neith, her cult center in Sais (modern Sa el-Hagar), (of which nothing now remains), carried the following inscription:

    I am the things that are, that will be, and that have been. No one has ever laid open the garment by which I am concealed. The fruit which I brought forth was the sun.”

    On her dress in the last image below, you can see the bee hive pattern that is the basic foundation of the Flower of Life- which, when animated, is a rhythmic, vibrating electromagnetic Torus Field.

    honey comb sacred geometry

    Honey bees orient to the earth’s magnetic field. They contain a region of ferromagnetic crystals of magnetite located in the front of their abdomens that enable them to detect magnetic fields, to regulate their internal clocks and to guide them as they build combs within the hive.  It has been suggested that the Queen Bee harnesses the magnetic field to promote a harmonic and unified communal effort to create and maintain her domain and its inhabitants in a state of Ma’at. Neith is the Queen of the Heavens who provides a safe haven for seeds of consciousness to be birthed into the rhythmic dance of life.

    Her name also may be interpreted as meaning water.  In time, this meaning led to her being considered as the personification of the primordial waters of creation. She is identified as a great mother goddess in this role as a creator.”   Plutarch (46 – 120 A.D.)

    She is the creative force of all that exists as active life forms. Neith is the gateway between the worlds of materiality and nonmateriality and like Wepwawet, was often referred to as the ‘Opener of the Ways’ in predynastic and early dynastic times.

    Like other Neteru, she was first known to be an androgynous, or genderless force of nature, which is indicative of all beings in the first moments of creation, before the separation event, later symbolized by the twins of Gemini, or of the Neteru, Shu (Air) and Tefnut (moisture/Water), as the atmosphere that separates the Heavens, Nut (Fire), from the Earth, as Geb.

    She was associated with the waters of Nun that preceded creation and like Hathor, she is the alpha and omega. The alpha or seed of potentiality is the great central source of light at our center, and the eternally breathing fields of energy that project from it is the womb, the omega.  The omega is the garment from which time emerges.  Infinity and timelessness ARE the womb out of which a linear, chronological unfolding emerges. The omega embodies complete Gnosis, the unified field, and/or zero point, which express as infinite potentiality.

    And just as she weaves the foundational universal vibration into existence, she experiences each intake and outtake of breath of all lifeforms within the fabric of her womb.  All is connected. All is eternally expanding and contracting as a great yogic breath.  On a quantum level, time runs in both directions and pauses for a moment before it reverses.

    In later dynastic times, the wings of Isis and her sister, Nebhet, also known by the Greek name of Nephtys, symbolically form the electromagnetic torus fields that protect and breath out from all vibrating life-forms on. Their wings form the beautiful veil around the body of Osiris, who represents our earth and the human beings who inhabit it.   We believe that the earth’s magnetic field protects us from the brutal galactic rays and without its protection, the earth would be destroyed.   However, maybe it’s only the illusion of form that dies when it collapses,  allowing for the ‘enlightenment’ from these rays to offer us the prophesied great awakening?   We would remember that we are not our bodies.  We are so much more.

    In the middle image above, the sketch of a bas-relief at Philae shows Isis and Nebhet embracing Osiris with their wings.  Can you imagine them standing with their electromagnetic ‘wings’ surrounding the earth?  They provide protection from the radiation of the galactic rays bombarding the earth from the cosmos, while being the womb that is the veil of forgetfulness that our consciousness awareness is seeded from that ultimately blocks out the enlightenment of these powerful rays. The twin sisters are mirror images of each other. On another level of understanding, Isis represents the part of our reality that is visible, while Nebhet represents the unseen forces of nature. Two dual opposing feminine principles creating a spinning veil that encompasses and yet contains the earth’s conscious awareness.

    As two forces within the whole of what Neith represents, Isis and Nebhet respectively form the outtake and intake of breath, as the expanding and contracting universal vibration.

    Osiris is wrapped in his own wings which is later illustrated as mummy wrappings to demonstrate that we are each individually wrapped in electromagnetic cocoons that emanate from our heart center.  Osiris is the Earth, the original green man, and it is the nurturing electromagnetic currents that cause the seeds of consciousness to sprout and break forth from his body to provide the greening of his ‘skin’.

    We can only emerge from the veiled containment when we harness our inner polarity and find complete stillness.  It is only then, that the oscillating wings of Isis and Nebhet will completely fall and we can rise to earn new wings as symbolized by Horus, who represents the ascended and transformed Osiris.

    After his jealous brother, Set murders Osiris, he eventually chops his body into 14 or 42 pieces in different variations of the myth, representing either the 14 stages of the waxing and then waning moon, representing separation and transformation into and out of wholeness.  The  ’42’ pieces of Osiris represent the 42 original nomes or divisions of ancient Khemit.  Osiris was the land of Khemit, and the original 42 tribes that once inhabited a unified land.   This is where the original story from which the Tower of Babel originated and metaphorically marks mankind’s decline into separation consciousness, indicative of an earthly night cycle.  His body parts are scattered throughout Khemit, each in a separate nome where they remain until Isis weeps for the loss of her beloved and the flooding Nile of her tears connects the once dry and parched land.  This initiates the Resurrection process of Osiris.

    The Reversal

    However, he must also experience a reversal of charge and direction in order to begin his metamorphosis.   Osiris must turn over on his stomach before he can rise from the dead, his symbolic state during the night cycle.

    In the above images Osiris turns over on his belly and the wings of Isis (as the earth’s magnetic field) are lowered while Osiris is presented with the gift of renewed life before he can enter his next cycle and renewed perception of reality.

    When he has risen into his awakened state, you can see in the bottom sketch below of scenes from the temple of Hathor at Dendera, that he is kneeling on a sled.  This symbolically illustrates that he is still and existing in a moment of complete inaction- his zero point of enlightenment.  He can only move now if he is pulled on his sled by an outside force.

    The Resurrection of Osiris

    In the top sketch, you see Isis as the Kite bird, along with her sister, Nebhet flapping their wings to provide the electromagnetic breath of life– to his lifeless newly formed Phallus.  Isis magically copulates with him, which results in the birth of the new Sun/son, Horus, who embodies the now transformed Osiris.  She is called the ‘Lady of Enchantments’ for her ability to revive her dead husband.

    Resurrection as the Gift of a New Cycle of Conscious Awareness

    All complex electric systems within the human body have their own magnetic field systems.  If we return to the cobra, representing Wadjet, the feminine protector of Lower Egypt, and the vulture as Nebhet, her female counterpart in Upper Egypt as the Uraeus represented on the diadem of Tutankhamun below. One can see the visible waveform of the cobra’s body runs back and forth to unite the two sides of the separate hemispheres of the brain of the head on which it would have been worn.  It could only adorn the head of royalty as a symbol of sovereignty, deity and divine authority –as the right to rule.

    According to Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga a technique called the Cobra Breath pulls magnetic energy into the spine, ionizing the spinal fluid and allowing the kundalini to rise, bathing the brain in magnetized fluid and transforming consciousness.”  – ‘Biology of Kundalini’ by Jana Dixon  

    It signified the game changing moment when inner polarity is transmuted and the kundalini rises to explode through the third eye as a perfect illustration of unity consciousness. Kundalini rises to allow for the expansion of conscious awareness, and with the increased communication between the brain’s hemispheres, the knot of the Sema Tawy is tightened, and our breath is held for moment for the experience of complete timelessness, stillness and a sense of oneness with all that is.  It is an entry into that zero point expression for a brief and magical moment of complete Gnosis that is enjoyed briefly– before the serpent and vulture recoil to explode again through the top of the head as the unified spark of life that initiates the next cycle and renewed breath of life.

    This pathway to alternative dimensions is known to many as the opened third eye, or Eye of Horus, achieved with the unification of the right and left eyes of Horus which represent the sun and the moon. The eye is personified by the Netert, Wadjet and is also known as ‘The Eye of Ra’.  The name Wadjet is derived from wadj meaning green, and was known to the Greeks as Uraeus, derived from the Egyptian iaret meaning ‘risen one’ illustrated by the image of the cobra rising up.

    When the veil of Neith is lifted, the Eye of Horus can visualize and experience the splendor of universal oneness that is often described by those who have had worked with plant medicines and/or have had near death or astral experiences.  It is a moment of complete unity with Source. Awakening from this experience will ultimately transform the participant forever.  Those that earn the sharp eye of the hawk, also gain its incredible powers of vision and the ability to feel, and therefore navigate the currents to create an environment of resonant and harmonic balance, much like the worker bees who can feel their Queen’s breath of love and light waves.

    This is what the priests and their initiates strived so hard to achieve and this secret knowledge was embodied within the mysterious rituals of Osiris that were enacted by the priests and ancient kings of Khemit. They were the true Shemsu Hor, known as the Followers of Horus, that were able to navigate between the material and nonphysical worlds. The predynastic and early dynastic kings and Pharoahs would perform these rituals at specific moments in their reigns to reflect a new cycle of ruler-ship. These were called Heb Sed festivals and required the participant to traverse the dimensions between the material and nonmaterial realms. They needed to experience the death of the physical in order to achieve eternal divinity and become one with the forces of nature as a Neter themselves.  These rituals were illustrated at temple sites throughout Egypt, and practiced at many sites, such as Abydos, Saqqara and Hawara.

    I would suggest that many of the ancient so-called tombs, including pyramids and possibly the Osiris Shaft on the Giza Plateau, would have been used as ascension devices by the living kings for these rituals.

    When they achieved the unification of the dual opposing currents symbolized by ‘Upper and Lower Egypt’ within themselves, they earned the ‘right to rule’ by bringing the power of the Neteru (as the forces of nature) back down to earth.  The kings could then be crowned on their thrones as ‘Gods’ or as ‘Horus kings’ with the double crown of both Upper and Lower Egypt, as divine beings in their own right.

    Neith was also associated with spiders relating to her function as a spinner and weaver of destiny. In this aspect she can be equated with the Babylonian Ishtar and the Greek goddess, Arachne, known later, by the Romans as Minerva.  The Hopi and Navajo, portrayed the Spider Grandmother in this role as a creative force of nature.  In the Hopi creation myth, Spider Grandmother as KokyAngwuti, imagines the world into existence through the conscious weaving of her webs.

    physical and spiritual origins of Hopi life

    Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  – Chief Seattle, 1854

    Secret Knowledge Lost can be Reclaimed

    Neith weaves the ultimate fractal and holographic pattern of all life as an incredible exhalation and inhalation of a breath of divine light.   It can’t be any other way.  Time is the illusion.  How we experience it is always of our own choosing.  The cycles will play themselves out despite those choices.  Learn how to navigate the currents of her threads and you can achieve harmonic and resonant bliss in any given moment.

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