Living the Life of an Adventure Photographer

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Written by Murat Dagaslan

May 5, 2022

My ‘day job’ is as a mechanical technician, but any opportunity I have in my free time, I like to spend taking pictures in nature.  I would say that I identify most with the outdoor adventurer culture.  I hope to be able to do this as my profession in the future. 

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I definitely feel that people can create a sense of community online.  What I really like about this global community is how it allows me to take more photos, because I understand what people enjoy and appreciate from their praise and constant feedback.  It makes me feel good inside, and it motivates me to continue producing more quality content.

kocaeli kandira ocean water boat

In contrast to video, there is this extraordinary ability to stop time with still photo and to capture the feeling and mood of a moment with incredible succinctness. I love to look at an image and be transported to a single place in time, and I don’t think that there’s any other medium with the ability to do that in the way that a still photograph can. 

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