We believe in a positive future, and we believe the future is now.  Our mission is to exacerbate global movement toward a more unified and sustainable way of living.

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We live in an interconnected world, in an interconnected time, and we need holistic solutions.

TGR impact projects are made possible by supporting and partnering with a diverse, international community of change makers – who use the power of science, innovation, exploration, education, and storytelling – we help to create a more sustainable and connected way of living for humanity and our planet.  Through our variety of impact projects, our team orchestrates engagements designed for positive effect.  People and the planet are the heart of all that we do.  


As we embark on this “grand return” to our ancient way of being, many of our initial projects will launch in Egypt.  However, we are developing a multitude of international relations around the globe, and are confident in our ability to cohesively collaborate to restore a more connected and symbiotic way of life on this planet.  


Let’s change the tides together!  Did you know that regional and global tourism drastically impacts the health of our seas?!  From overabundance of plastic water bottles to the use of traditional sunscreen, it’s time we tackle the problem. 

As part of this campaign, we aim to make Reef-Safe Sunscreen readily available.  Together we take action a step further to save coral reefs through Coral Reef Restoration.  This is done by transplanting coral cuttings into threatened areas of the reef to rebuild the strength of the existing reef, ultimately renewing the aquatic life in that area.  Our first impact region of focus is the Red Sea: a unique body of water, hosting some of the most productive and diverse coral reefs in the world- together we can keep it this way.


Help us to reduce the use of plastic water bottles with our “Purify Project” that aims to bring water filtration and purification systems to hotels and local fill stations throughout Egypt, and to make reusable water bottles readily available to all.  This project also includes efforts to recycle and upcycle existing plastic bottles (and other plastic waste) and turn them into sustainable products. 

REstore our land

With your assistance, we are able to organize mass cleanup efforts and provide creative solutions including offering work/study opportunities in fields like bioremediation and waste management.  Not only do we work hard to pick up our collective mess, but everything that we gather is aimed to be reused or remade into something useful!  We believe that our resources are precious.  Earth takes care of us, let’s return the favor.

Revitalize OUR Food


Bringing back nutrient density and revitalizing our food chain is an important step toward an abundant future for all.  Healthier soils make for healthier crops, and ultimately healthier humans!  Our efforts involve the education and implementation of sustainable farming practices as well as the production and distribution of sustainable crops.  Initiatives including ‘greening the desert’ are an important aspect of the TGR vision to bring back a more vitalized way of life for people, connected with our planet.

Reunite OUR Past


Help preserve ancient practices and cultural heritage.  TGR supports individuals and groups in preserving knowledge and techniques of the past that are critical to the present and future  development of life.  Moreover, we are in the process of planning our very own archeological excavation.  We are excited to bring you along on this amazing opportunity for exploration and discovery, as we dig into the secrets of our collective past.  



You can help further the work of The Grand Return by making a donation to support these initiatives.