IMPACT Initiative



Our mission is to facilitate a return to a more connected and sustainable way of living.

we support local food systems all around the world.

We live in an interconnected world, in an interconnected time, and we need holistic solutions.

The Grand Return’s focus on agriculture and food systems aims to restore and regenerate lands, revitalize our foods, and strengthen our connection between people and the land.  This is a movement and initiative to reestablish and sustain localized agriculture and food systems for greatest impact on environmental and human health worldwide.

Eco Farm Finder is our global platform connecting users to “know their farmers” and tap into direct sourcing, agritourism, and the true farm to table experience.  Farmers and growers around the world are doing their best to facilitate the “return” to a more connected and sustainable way of living.  Improving carbon cycles, increasing nutritional value of food and regenerating our lands are all side effects of sustainable food systems.

REstore our land


We support local food systems, globally. Agriculture is the oldest and most essential industry in the world, so TGR is revitalizing the way that individuals and communities engage with our food systems.  As environmental conditions and climate change remain pressings issues, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to topics like nutrient density, soil health and carbon cycles.  The foundation of an abundant future is rooted in the land, and the way we interact with it.

Revitalize OUR Food

Bringing back nutrient density and revitalizing our food chain is an important step toward an abundant future for all.  Healthier soils make for healthier crops, and ultimately healthier humans!  Our efforts and mission involve the education and implementation of sustainable farming practices as well as the production and distribution of sustainable crops.  TGR envisions bringing back a more vitalized way of life for people, connected with our planet.


One particularly fascinating branch of our initiative at TGR is our mission to restructure the water that is used in our food systems.  Modern science and innovations have shown that water can be optimally structured on a molecular level.  Gerald Pollack, University of Washington Professor and lifelong researcher of water, refers to a “fourth phase” of water, and The Renaissance Science Foundation claims their ARK Crystal, “positively structures water at the molecular level, increasing its intrinsic bioenergy and making it more bioavailable.”  TGR plans to implement the restructuring of water in agricultural processes to improve efficiency, nutrient density, crop yield, soil health and more!

Reunite OUR Past


We refer to ancient and indigenous wisdom around the world to educate and bring awareness to valuable, and often simple, practices.  Our central focus is one of the greatest areas of impact on environmental and human health, a global disconnect that begs to restore a deeper connection: our human relationship with lands and food systems.  Over hundreds of thousands of years, our species has played a tremendous role in the shaping of our surrounding environment.  While modern life and technology have certainly evolved, the simplest answers to the universe, the keys to flourishing symbiosis, remain the same. 



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