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The earth takes care of us, let’s return the favor.  Join The Grand Return as we appreciate, understand and protect this planet which is home to such extraordinary life.  The future is a blank page, what will we chose to write?    

Our mission is to achieve a more unified and sustainable way of living by raising awareness around existing impact projects, and strategizing new projects as well.  We spotlight exemplary efforts implementing sustainable practices/technologies, and create opportunities for work in regenerative and sustainable operations.

Your generous contribution will immediately go to work supporting TGR impact projects in the areas of:

  • Water Purification & Utilization
  • Waste Management, Recycling & Upcycling
  • Sustainable & Regenerative Agriculture
  • Sustainable Tech & Community Development
  • Clean & Renewable Energy
  • Greening the Desert 
  • Bioremediation 
  • Youth Educational Programs & Courses
  • Wildlife Conservation & Restoration

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    TGR Featured Initiatives

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    Let’s change the tides together!

    Purify Our Water

    Water is essential to all life, let’s treat it that way.

    Restore Our Lands

    Resources on this planet are precious.  Earth takes care of us, let’s return the favor.

    Revitalize Our Food

    Bringing back nutrient density and revitalizing our food chain is part of an abundant future for all.

    Reunite Our Collective Past

    TGR uncovers and preserves ancient knowledge, practices, techniques, and cultural heritage.