Murat Dagaslan

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Born in 1993 in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, Murat Dağaslan lived there for twenty years before moving to Bolu to attend İzzet Baysal University. He enjoyed the city life during his school years, but not long after graduating, his discovery of photography would beckon him out of the city to travel the country. After he began traveling, Dağaslan became inspired by nature and wanted to capture it with his camera; this further fueled the desire to expand his exploration. As 2017 wound to a close, Dağaslan decided to chase his dreams; he quit his job and committed to fully exploring natural phenomena in a unique way. He has traveled all over Turkey discovering historical ruins of ancient past, quaint and quiet rural villages, and stunning coastal regions and landscapes. In this majestic tour of Turkey, Dağaslan shares the joy and beauty of landscape photography and sheds light on many alluring places to experience for yourself!

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