Caroline Manière: The Wisdom of Empowerment on Canvas

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Caroline Manière’s art is the result of a beautiful collision and fusion of inspirations. Born in Dijon, France, Caroline’s Father inspired her to draw illustrations for her poetry books. It wasn’t until university, however, that Caroline fully connected with the power of art. Caroline was not enrolled in a fine arts program, but knowing her daughter’s talent, Caroline’s Mother encouraged her to try her hand at some evening art courses. Caroline’s enthusiasm and natural talent for fine art were apparent, however she completed her schooling in graphic design and went on to become the art director for major advertising firms over the following 12 years.

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Slowly succumbing to the frustration of not having freedom to create art with her hands, Caroline left the business sector and enrolled in a decorative painting school. “I made trompe-l’oiel and large murals first,” she recalls, “and then I began to paint for myself, first on wood and then on canvas.” Around this time, Caroline was beginning personal therapeutic work and chose to tell the story of her inner journey through women she painted. “I decided to paint women, each one as if they came back from traveling with a key, a revelation, a secret of transformation, or an understanding. This became my ‘Explorers Collection,’” she notes. Thanks to feed-back from pleased and energized customers, Caroline realized that her art held within it a frequency of healing. “Because of this, and by following my own inner path, the women I painted became ‘Medicine Women.’”

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Now living in the Fontainbleau Forest near Paris, Caroline finds deep inspiration from nature. She works mostly in her studio, rarely assembling exhibitions as most of her work is commissioned. Within her studio, Caroline has honed the process of painting and creating collections. “I begin with a ritual,” she explains. “Every day around 9, I create a particular space in my workshop for my creation. I burn sage, light a candle, and listen to some sacred music. I prefer shamanic drumming, icaros, Mongolian overtone singing, Amerindian Native songs, and even mantras.” This ritual allows Caroline to enter into a borderline meditative state to connect with her piece. It’s not always magical, each and every time, however. “My mind likes to play with me and that makes it easy to waste time, but the easy way is to listen to my heart and to let myself be guided.” Caroline follows this guide and paints instinctively, following her intuition. “I let the colors and patterns come to me; I am the only tool,” she explains. For her current collections, Caroline paints on copper foil surfaces as she is drawn to the way the light illuminates the characters, providing them with respect and sacred majesty.

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When speaking of her “Femme Medicine”, “Homme Medicine”, and Animal Totem collections, Caroline explains that, “All of the women, men, and animals come to me. They transmit their message, wisdom, knowledge, experience, power, and brilliance. They accompany us, they reveal unto us, and they awaken what we bear within ourselves. They remind us of our connection with the great All and with Mother Earth.” Used to working on commissioned pieces, Caroline connects with each of her clients, taking the time to gain insight into their being. “I let my intuition guide me. From there, the character that comes through is his or her ‘medicine’, guide, or somewhat of an avatar. If it’s an animal totem piece, the creature becomes their power animal,” she says. Each piece brings a special frequency and message of connection to its owner. “The receiver can connect to it,” Caroline describes. “The owners of my work can receive understanding, fulfilment, love, evidence, energy, answers, awakening, and healing.” For Caroline, totems can be akin to healing shields, protection, guides, and vibrational tools for her clients.


Caroline credits her personal therapeutic work with the transformational and impactful result of her art. “I have experienced family constellation, psycho-genealogy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), breath work, dreams, Vedic Art, and shamanism,” Caroline reveals. “It helped me reconnect my essence and find what I have come to Earth for.” Caroline truly believes that the best work you can ever do is on yourself, and it shines through in her transcendent pieces.


Her studio door is always open for whomever wishes to meet her and connect with the energy of the canvas. So, stop on by or visit her website to learn more and find your guiding light brought to life on canvas.

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