Capricorn Horoscope


by TGR’s SolSisters

Jupiter, the King of Abundance, continues to transit Aries, your 4th house of Home and Family. These areas of your life are being expanded & activated, from now until May 2023. You may discover that your home needs a major decluttering or energetic recalibration, or that you are longing for more fulfillment in the time you spend with your family. Perhaps you may decide to move from one home to another during the upcoming year. Whatever the case, Jupiter is here to help and inspire you. Jupiter is going to send you clues about how you can bring more fulfillment and joy into your home and family life. Keep your eyes open for the clues! If you are feeling really dissatisfied with certain aspects of your home or family, take note, it’s probably something that you are being encouraged to change. This is a true upgrade, although it may feel challenging at first. Allow yourself to surrender into these changes, and you will be amazed at the results!


Jupiter’s influence in your 4th house is also quite strongly supported by the Uranus and North Node conjunction occurring in your 5th house of Fun, Play, Creativity, and Romance. You are likely to have surprising new events occurring that guide you to have more fun and creativity in your day to day life. Uranus is a pattern-breaker, and he is here to set you free! Get ready to welcome in more playfulness, joy, and perhaps even a new relationship. This may involve surprising events that you never saw coming! Trust and surrender! You are being guided by Cosmic forces.

The South Node, which represents our past, karma, and that which we need to release, continues to transit Scorpio, your 11th House of Visionary Abilities, the Future, and Your Unique Genius. Do you have old karmic wounds and traumas that are preventing you from fully expressing your unique genius and to connect with your visions for the future? Are you feeling lost or stuck around how to create the future life you have been longing for? If so, take heart: You are being asked to do deep inner work to heal and release your old patterns, so that you can open up your visionary abilities and feel more confidence in bringing your gifts to the world. The South Node is asking you to heal and release old traumas that have been holding you back. You may also be called to reflect on and release old identities (perceptions of who you are) that have been harmful. This is a powerful time to reflect on: Have people in your life taken your power away? What actions can you take to release these individuals from your life and claim the fullness of who you truly are? What old, ancestral or past life woundings have made you feel hesitant and afraid to express your truth? What can you do to heal that old pattern? Know that you are on the verge of a breakthrough in these areas. Healing is on the way, but you will need to go deep within, and possibly outside of your comfort zone, to fully receive the healing benefits. 

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About TGR SolSisters Astrology

Jocelyn Star Feather, an alchemical astrologer, and Egyptian symbologist and mythologist, Patricia Awyan Lehman have merged their talents and expertise to create unique monthly astrology reports that incorporate ancient Khemit (Egyptian) wisdom and practices.

Patricia Awyan Lehman

Patricia’s lifelong passion to know why and how we exist led her to the in-depth study of the esoteric sciences, physical sciences, comparative religions, ancient literature, mythology, art history and symbolism. She became of student of the work of the Egyptian indigenous wisdom keeper, Abd’el Hakim Awyan, on her first trip to Egypt in 2005, and has now lived in Egypt for more than 13 years where she devotes much of her time to the research of ancient symbolism and mythologies worldwide.

Jocelyn Star Feather

Jocelyn shares ancient wisdom to guide courageous seekers in co-creating a revolutionary new world in alignment with Mother Earth and the vast intelligence of the Cosmos, blending alchemy, astrology, Hermeticism, ancient and indigenous wisdom, and shamanic perspective.  Jocelyn has studied astrology since 2015 and has developed a unique craft of astrological readings that highlight the potentials for transformation and initiation, both in the natal chart as well as in upcoming transits, and seek ways to work with challenge and shadow in the birth chart in order to transmute and transcend it. In this way, we facilitate the individual’s highest personal growth and evolution.

As Above, So Below…

Joeclyn and Patricia share an intense love for ancient Khemit (Egypt) as well as synergistic perspectives on the knowledge of astrology and the impact of stellar, planetary, lunar and solar movements in the cosmos on earth and its inhabitants.  Together they are combining their individual bodies of research and wisdom to share a more comprehensive understanding of how the ancients in Khemit traced the eternal and cyclical patterns in the heavens as a mirror for what was and would occur in our own perception of reality on earth. 

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