by TGR’s SolSisters

July 2022:  New Adventures, New Beginnings, and Even Bigger Changes to Support You!

We have MASSIVE energies coming our way in July!  Change is the imperative from the Cosmos at this time.

At this moment, we are all The Fool in the Tarot Deck. This doesn’t mean we are foolish!! Instead, it means that we are standing at the edge of a brand new adventure. We are setting off into lands that have never been mapped, or even possibly have never been experienced before. So we have no idea what magic, mystery, or mayhem might await us along the path. This is the archetype of The Fool card. As we traverse July 2022 and beyond, it will be of primary importance to approach life with a Beginner’s Mind – being open to all possibilities and turning off any preconceived ideas of what “needs to” or “has to” happen. When we open our hearts and minds to the unknown, we welcome true magic and alchemical transformation into our lives.

We’ve made it through the eclipse portal and Mercury Retrograde in April, May, and June 2022, and now we’re ready to take all of the lessons learned from those events and anchor them into new action and new beginnings in July. We will have the full support of the Cosmos, particularly in July but also into the month of August, in making & solidifying significant action steps. In fact, we are especially supported in making radical changes that we haven’t been able to make previously. This is because all throughout the month of July, Freedom Rebel Uranus is moving closer & closer to his exact conjunction with the North Node, which represents the future direction of humanity.

It’s important to consider now:

  • What lessons did you learn between April-June this year?
  • How does this inform the future trajectory you are choosing for your life?
  • What changes do you know are absolutely essential, in order for you to move into a brighter, healthier future?
  • How are you going to raise your game and set a higher standard for yourself?
  • And, the favorite question of Uranus: What is the act of rebellion that will change everything?

Once you have pondered these questions, decide on an action that you will take between now and August 31st. This can be an action in any category of your life (home, finances, career, relationships, etc).

Very important: Choose an action that changes you. Choose an action that is a pattern-breaker. Then draw out an action plan or map for the steps to accomplish it, and begin taking those steps. It’s ok to choose something quite radical. You will have the power of Uranus + the North Node coming together, all throughout July and August 2022, to take this action and solidify completely new patterns into your life.

Whatever you choose, make sure it feels freedom-infused and outside of your comfort zone. Uranus supports us in doing the unexpected and breaking free from everything that’s been holding us back. And the North Node supports us in building a new future that previously appeared unattainable. When you carry through on this action, you will be lavishly rewarded by the universe, with gifts that make your future feel exciting and liberating.

The Headliner Event:  Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus!

This will occur at 18 degrees of Taurus, and will be exact from July 31st to August 10th. We are building up to this energy more & more intensely throughout the entire month of July! Uranus represents the intellect, and is quick-moving, rebellious, revolutionary, and electric. Uranus is next-level, birthing the new world (a brand new future for humanity) via sudden changes, unexpected events, shock, and surprise. The North Node represents the future, the direction in which we are heading collectively, and that which we want / tend to amplify and bring into our lives.

The Zodiac sign of Taurus represents all that makes up our physical world: The Earth, our bodies, linear reality, nature & natural beauty, trees & birds, pleasure, enjoyment of the physical, finding bliss in simplicity. Taurus is practical, sensible, and stable. This includes home and feeling grounded to the Earth. It also includes finances and the economy.

To sum this all up, the Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus is about breakthroughs, revelations, and unexpected new occurrences that will be happening in support of creating a new world, a new reality, new ways of living & operating in the 3D physical realms, a renewed relationship with the Earth and Life Itself (including the life force within us), and a renewed connection with our bodies as physical temples of the soul. It also indicates significant changes and shake-ups around that which we believe to be solid & stable. This indicates massive changes on very fundamental levels of our world & our perception of reality.

We will gain access to new opportunities to embody & fully embrace all of the Taurus ideals listed above. But with Uranus involved, we must CHANGE significantly (and sometimes shockingly) in order to arrive at that desired future state. Humans do not tend to like change, but now it’s clear that change is imminent, so the best thing you can do is to reach inside, deep down, to find your courage and resilience & bring them to the surface. Allow these times to get you excited about the change. Welcome it! Let it expand you!

Let this massive universal impetus for freedom, rebellion, liberation, and change inspire you, because the possibilities are truly unlimited for us in July & August. The Uranus-North Node conjunction is a massive opportunity for new beginnings & bringing new energies into our lives. Change and breaking down old patterns can happen much more quickly than you’d expect, during July & August.

So be sure to say YES to adventure and new possibilities, every chance you get, throughout July & August! Are you ready???

Mars Conjunct Uranus and the North Node

But wait… That’s not all! Mars is also involved in the headliner event. Mars will be exactly conjunct Uranus and the North Node at 18 degrees of Taurus for 2 days, on August 1st and 2nd. This adds a whole new level to the center point of the Uranus-North Node transit.

Mars represents masculine energy, our inner pioneer & adventurous spirit, forging a new path, fiery nature, charging ahead, war, aggression, conflict, outbursts, acting or speaking too soon, courage, strength, resilience in the face of change, bold, reckless, not worried about what others will think or say. So, Mars is going to take things up a notch! Mars will help us to feel true excitement, boldness, and courage as the changes roll through.

How will this show up for you, personally? Take a look at your specific Zodiac report for more details, but in general, we could each feel this transit as:

  • Increased courage & boldness to take action on the new beginnings being birthed in your life.
  • A call to adventure, forging a new path, making decisions & taking actions in very different ways than before.
  • Conflict and discontent in your life, anger toward those close to you, especially if you have kept your feelings hidden or stuffed down. Those feelings are going to come out now. They cannot stay hidden anymore.
  • A feeling of needing to break free, and to take reckless action, regardless of what anyone else may say or think. (This can be VERY positive, especially if you’ve been stuck or stalled in the past by worrying about what others will think & say!)
  • Increased desire for embodiment practices or to come into deeper connection with your body. May include dance, yoga, breathwork, etc. May include practices involving kundalini energy and/or sexual energy.
  • Increased desire to spend time in nature and in connection with the Earth.
  • A desire to simplify, getting back to basics, a focus on what we really need, minimal living, reduced expenditures, smaller / simpler housing, or finding a new home that is more aligned with your values.
  • Upheaval in your life and in the world around you, related to what we previously thought was solid & stable, now being uprooted and changing rapidly. (We’ve been experiencing this already due to the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses.)
  • Financial & economic changes, shortages, rationing, increasing supply chain disruptions. Stock market / crypto markets will see some stocks / coins increasing dramatically & suddenly in value, while others bottom out. (We’ve been experiencing this already due to the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses.)


How will all of this show up in the collective? Some strong possibilities are:

  • Surprising events that we never saw coming (Extraterrestrials – Revelations of hidden information – Extreme weather)
  • Continued economic disruptions & dramatic ups & downs of finances
  • Awakening & Revolution! Freedom! Liberation! Building a new future, a new world.
  • People rising up in support of their highest values & integrity – There is a feeling of “It can NOT go on this way any longer, and we are finally ready to take action & make the changes happen!” We have a massive chance now to use this impetus to create significant positive change.
  • You may experience fantastic inspiration around starting a business, breaking free from an old career, and finding new ways to earn money that are deeply aligned with your purpose
  • Emphasis on embodiment, movement, self-care, health, and taking really good care of our bodies. If you are a bodyworker, movement facilitator, or other leader / professional who helps people to connect with their body, business is likely to be booming for you in July & August, as people realize how important embodiment practices are for their physical and mental health.
  • Breakthroughs related to the environment, fossil fuel / energy use … Perhaps we will finally / suddenly implement critical changes needed to stop harming the Earth.
  • Possibility for increased war and aggression.


As you can see, July is going to be a FIERY and action-packed month. So be sure to get plenty of rest, drink extra water, and reserve space for self-care so you can hold the calm center while all of this action is happening, in your own life and in the world.

Lion’s Gate / The Heliacal Rising of Sirius


Hold on once again … There’s more! The Uranus – North Node – Mars conjunction is coinciding with the Lion’s Gate. The Lion’s Gate is our modern terminology for an event which has been recognized and celebrated for at least the last 5,000 years – And probably the last 10,000 years or more. This is the Heliacal Rising of the star Sirius, which was an extremely important annual event for the ancient Egyptians. In fact, they chose the Heliacal Rising of Sirius as the beginning of their calendar, so it is the ancient Egyptian New Year.

This date was critically important for them, because after months of drought and seeing the waters of the Nile sink lower and lower, Sirius would reappear on the dawn horizon (in ancient times this occurred in mid to late July) and the waters of the Nile would flood once again, bringing life and nourishment back to the land. The star Sirius (called Sopdet in ancient Egyptian language, and Sothis by the ancient Greeks) was recognized as the Netert Isis, and when she returned to the skies each year at this time, she sent the inundation of the flood waters, so that life could return to the people, plants, animals, and land of Egypt.


What does that mean – Heliacal Rising of Sirius?

Sirius is a fixed star located at 13 degrees of Cancer. It is most highly visible in the Northern Hemisphere throughout the winter nighttime skies (it can be seen slightly below and east of the constellation Orion). In May, Sirius sets on the Western horizon, and does not reappear for about 2 to 3 months. When Sirius reappears, she rises just before the sun at dawn (Heliacal Rising), and this coincides with the time that the snow melts in mountains & rivers in Africa that feed into the Nile River, so at the same time as Sirius returns, the Nile floods.

In ancient times, the Heliacal Rising of Sirius occurred around mid to late July. Now, it occurs generally between August 5th-12th, depending on your latitude. The Helical Rising of Sirius is an affirmation of the sacredness of Life Itself, and a confirmation of the strength and resiliency of life in the great cycles and turning of ages. This is a Star Portal opening time, when we can connect with the energy of the star Sirius and the Netert Isis to receive vaster possibilities, visions, breakthroughs in understanding, new states of living / being. Entirely new perceptions of reality can enter into our awareness through this interdimensional gateway. Which is absolutely AMAZING, because that is also the energy of the Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus! All of these cosmic forces are working together, guiding us to change, release old patterns, and welcome in new ways of living and being that will be more supportive of life, health, and wholeness.


The South Node in Scorpio

Here’s one more piece which is quite important for us in July, as Uranus and the North Node join together in Taurus. Opposite the Uranus + North Node conjunction, we have the South Node in Scorpio. So while Taurus is being quite activated this month, Scorpio is as well, by nature of being in the opposite Zodiac sign from all the activity. Remember that the North Node represents our future, the direction we are moving toward (for our highest evolution), and that which we need to bring into our lives.

On the other hand, the South Node represents the past, that which we need to move away from (for our highest evolution), and that which we need to release from our lives. And all of these Taurus transits (with Uranus, the North Node, and Mars) are opposing the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio South Node is absolutely stripping us of all that is no longer aligned. This has been happening most strongly since November 2021, when we had the first eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and will continue through June 2023.

Have a LOT of things fallen away from your life since November 2021? Take stock and really honor all that you have released. It would be wonderful to journal on what has fallen away, and to hold gratitude for how this has lightened you and helped you to become more aligned with your soul, even if the letting go was difficult. This falling away process is forcing us to release everything that holds the energy of the PAST, clearing out space, so we can welcome in all of the new things that are going to hold the energy of the FUTURE.

In ancient Khemit this was likened to an aging sun at the end of its cycle.  In the picture above you see the Neter, Ra as the cat who is cutting the head off a serpent.  The serpent here can represent the patterns in our lives that no longer serve us.  Ra is effectively putting an end to these tired old patterns, opening a space for us to create something new and beneficial in our lives.

With the South Node in Scorpio, this is AMAZING for our healing process, but it can feel extremely difficult and even scary on a day-to-day basis, as we are hit with releasing one thing after another after another. Remember that you are PURIFYING on all levels. Clearing out all that is not TRUE to who you are becoming.

Clearing out heavy burdens you’ve been carrying, things you’ve been clinging to for too long, identities & ideas of who you are that are no longer accurate – Or perhaps that were never accurate to begin with! Relationships, careers, homes, friends, belief systems … The list goes on. All is falling away to make space for who you are BECOMING.

This South Node purification process is working in coordination with Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, because when we clear out the old & stagnant parts of our lives, we have plenty of space for new, radical, liberating, future-oriented gifts to come in! The winged Kheper, or scarab beetle represents this transformational process as well as the moment we earn our wings and fly into an exciting new cycle of heightened awareness.

Above Image:  Purification Ceremony Performed by Horus and Toth

All of this is extremely deep. You will be changed & shifted so deeply by all of this in 2022, that when you look back a year from now (in mid to late 2023), you are going to recognize just how different & more highly evolved you have become.


Blessings for your potent evolutionary journey!

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