Pisces Horoscope


by TGR’s SolSisters

Dear Pisces, you had a really powerful & intense month in April! Now in May, your attention will be drawn to your personal finances and creating grounding & security in your life, as Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all enter your 2nd House of Personal Finances & Stability. You have massive cosmic support at this time to help you get clear on what you really need to feel safe and financially secure. This could be about downsizing and reducing your expenses, and really enjoying what you have. Or it could be about new streams of abundance & wealth coming in, and learning how to use the money wisely. Whatever you do this month, be sure to think through your financial decisions carefully, and don’t do anything reckless with your money. When you act wisely, you will be rewarded with increased wealth and abundance. Experiences this month may bring you opportunities to go deeper into questions like: “What are my financial goals for the next 10 to 12 years?” “How much do I need to save or invest to accomplish that goal?” 


“Do I need to downsize or take a more minimalist approach?” “What else do I need to feel stable and secure in life?” Take the time to delve into these inquiries, as the answers will come through in a synchronistic or unexpected fashion, and will guide you to expand & amplify your financial success in the coming months. 

It’s important to note that Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, and abundance, will be in your 2nd House of Personal Finances & Stability – not just in May – but for the whole upcoming year, from May 11 to October 28, 2022, and again from December 20, 2022 to May 16, 2023. These timeframes are extremely fortunate for you, Pisces, as new opportunities for your financial success & stability will present themselves to you during this time. Be sure to say YES to as many new opportunities as possible – but again, don’t be reckless with your money. This transit of Jupiter in your 2nd House only happens once every 12 years. You can look back to the time from June 5, 2010 to June 4, 2011 for the last time this transit occurred – What changes were happening in your life then? The themes are likely to be along the same lines during this period in 2022-2023. 

You are also getting extra support around Communication, Intellect, & Learning all this year, Pisces, as the North Node and Uranus move through Taurus, your 3rd House. Between January 2022 and June 2023, you might go back to school, find a long-term new training or modality that you make a commitment to learning, or even begin to take on a teaching or healing role using the new knowledge & wisdom that you have gained. This will be especially highlighted on May 13 as the Sun conjuncts the North Node. Be sure to keep a notebook with you to write down any new ideas or revelations that you receive on May 12, 13, and 14, as this information will guide you to deeper insights about your intellectual, teaching, and healing pursuits. Enjoy this extended time of growth & development!  

May 16th brings a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, which is your 9th House of Philosophy, Higher Thoughts, and Learning. This eclipse is likely to bring big changes in your beliefs and how you perceive reality. You may experience a spiritual awakening during this time, or a dark night of the soul on your spiritual journey. There may be unexpected revelations about beliefs or conditioning that you have kept hidden, and which have held you back in the past. It’s important to let these hidden thought systems come into the light at this time. The universe is calling upon you to release old beliefs that are not aligned with who you are becoming. This eclipse will likely begin a challenging or initiatory time, about 6 months in length, of releasing what you previously believed and opening to new ways of understanding the world and your place in it. If you can trust & surrender into this process, these changes will support you in opening to your true power, so you can emerge profoundly changed & have a more expanded sense of possibility, opportunity, and optimism going forward.  

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About TGR SolSisters Astrology

Jocelyn Star Feather, an alchemical astrologer, and Egyptian symbologist and mythologist, Patricia Awyan Lehman have merged their talents and expertise to create unique monthly astrology reports that incorporate ancient Khemit (Egyptian) wisdom and practices.

Patricia Awyan Lehman

Patricia’s lifelong passion to know why and how we exist led her to the in-depth study of the esoteric sciences, physical sciences, comparative religions, ancient literature, mythology, art history and symbolism. She became of student of the work of the Egyptian indigenous wisdom keeper, Abd’el Hakim Awyan, on her first trip to Egypt in 2005, and has now lived in Egypt for more than 13 years where she devotes much of her time to the research of ancient symbolism and mythologies worldwide.

Jocelyn Star Feather

Jocelyn shares ancient wisdom to guide courageous seekers in co-creating a revolutionary new world in alignment with Mother Earth and the vast intelligence of the Cosmos, blending alchemy, astrology, Hermeticism, ancient and indigenous wisdom, and shamanic perspective.  Jocelyn has studied astrology since 2015 and has developed a unique craft of astrological readings that highlight the potentials for transformation and initiation, both in the natal chart as well as in upcoming transits, and seek ways to work with challenge and shadow in the birth chart in order to transmute and transcend it. In this way, we facilitate the individual’s highest personal growth and evolution.

As Above, So Below…

Jocelyn and Patricia share an intense love for ancient Khemit (Egypt) as well as synergistic perspectives on the knowledge of astrology and the impact of stellar, planetary, lunar and solar movements in the cosmos on earth and its inhabitants.  Together they are combining their individual bodies of research and wisdom to share a more comprehensive understanding of how the ancients in Khemit traced the eternal and cyclical patterns in the heavens as a mirror for what was and would occur in our own perception of reality on earth. 

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