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May 2022 will take us on a dynamic roller coaster ride of ups & downs. There are major events happening in the Cosmos, all throughout the month of May!

First, a small recap from April, which ended with a Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse that absolutely embodied bliss and beauty, as expansive Jupiter and sultry Venus came together in a conjunction on the exact same day as the eclipse! This day was a respite that allowed us to take a deep breath and enjoy life, as Jupiter and Venus brought us blessings, optimism, and joy.

In ancient Khemit (Egypt), these moments of profound silence that occur when the moon blocks out the sun is just one of the indications illustrated in the story of Set and the great serpent, Apep, who carries the Solar Barque on its journey across the ecliptic in the heavens. It is Set, who spears Apep, effectively stopping the sun’s sine wave pattern for just a few moments in our perception of time and space.

These ‘pauses’ of complete silence and non-movement, were known by many ancient cultures worldwide to be powerful moments for manifesting our intentions.

From that point, entering May, the energy shifts almost immediately. Venus, having freed herself from conjunctions with Pluto, Mars, and Saturn earlier in the year, is now speeding through the Zodiac, and enters pioneering Aries on May 3rd. Venus in Aries is the Goddess  (Force of Nature) who sees a new way through the forest, but the path has not yet been cut. This does not slow her down at all. She will forge right through, revealing the clear & certain path, and soon many others will follow. The feminine aspect within each of us now takes on this confident & fast-moving vibe.

Jupiter will follow in the Goddess’ (Netert’s) footsteps and leap into Aries on May 11th. This massive uptick in Aries energy will guide us to take decisive action and commit to new projects that have the potential to expand our confidence and courage, during the first 11 days or so of May. 

But wait! Hold on to your hat, because there is another shift on May 11th – Mercury turns retrograde at 4 degrees of Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini, and when he goes retrograde in his home sign, it can lead to a double dose of technology and communication complications. This is when Thoth wields his magic challenging us to go deeper. So, during the next 3 weeks, from May 11th to June 1st, keep your batteries charged, think carefully about your wording & tone before pressing ‘send’ on those emails, and be sure to have a backup plan if you’re traveling. And definitely don’t make any large technology or electronics purchases!

Toth Thoth astrology

The primary purpose of Mercury retrograde is not only for the clever trickster planet to wreak havoc by causing tech & communications problems (although he does have fun creating those). There is a deeper meaning & opportunity hidden within these times when Mercury moves backwards in the sky. The 3-week Mercury Rx periods, which happen about 3 times each year, are actually an important time for us to slow down and re-think, re-work, re-write, re-calibrate, rest, and renew. (All of the ‘re’ words!) Mercury retrograde is not the time to charge ahead, sign new contracts, or launch new projects. Instead, it is a time to review what you’ve learned & accomplished since the previous Mercury retrograde. The last one was from December 28, 2021 to January 18, 2022. 

So – What were your biggest lessons learned since mid-January? Do you need to make adjustments in your life, business, or communications strategies, based on those lessons? It’s a great time to journal on these questions and then update your plans for how you want to move forward. That way, once Mercury goes direct again on June 1st, you will have received all of the gifts of this Rx transit, and you’ll feel much clearer and more confident moving forward. 

On May 13th, we’ll experience the Sun conjunct the future-oriented North Node in Taurus. This is a powerful day when we may receive bursts of insight about how we can create a brighter future for our world. Or you may receive clarity around your soul purpose. This is because the transiting North Node represents the future direction of the collective of humanity. And with the Sun illuminating this point in the Zodiac, streams of wisdom and breakthrough information can arrive that is meant to guide us in birthing new realities. Be sure to keep a pen & paper handy, so you can jot down these insights as they flow in! 

Our next big event is going to be quite noticeable. On May 16th, we will have an extremely intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. The Sun will be positioned at 25 Taurus, and the Moon will be directly opposite the Sun at 25 Scorpio. Interestingly, the North Node during this eclipse will be at 22 degrees and 22 minutes of Taurus, and the South Node will be at 22 degrees and 22 minutes of Scorpio! 

Eye of Horus

In one ancient Khemitian legend, the Lunar Eclipse occurs when Set steals the Moon Eye of Horus, his alter ego. It is Thoth, cosmic consciousness, that searches in the darkness and restores it to its rightful place in the heavens. 

Did we mention that this will be intense?? Mars (Mars, sometimes portrayed as the Egyptian Neter, Horus) will clash with dreamy, imaginative Neptune in Pisces at the exact time of this eclipse. When these two powerful planets come together, it represents the shattering of illusions, as the sword of Mars as the warrior aspect of Horus, breaks through the veil. Unexpected truths will come to light during this time. The veil between worlds will become very thin, and you may receive unexpected guidance that will help you to cut off the shackles of unrealistic expectations or limiting beliefs which have held you back in the past.

We’re going to be asked to RELEASE and LET GO big time with the May 16th eclipse. 

What’s most important to understand about this cosmic moment: If you have been ignoring the call of your soul and you’ve stayed too long in a career, relationship, or location that you know is no longer working for you … Get prepared to be resilient and courageous, because the universe is going to show you such profound truths that you won’t be able to ignore your soul’s voice any longer. We’re going to be catalyzed to release and let go of things that we’ve been clinging to. On the global stage, this is a prime time for disclosure – Hidden truths coming to light – Perhaps related to the stars & cosmos, perhaps related to government and politics. Whatever happens, it’s important that you trust, surrender, and hold on for the ride. Mars and Neptune are in a trine to the Moon and South Node, so emotions may run high, but ultimately all of this is happening so that we can heal old karmic wounds and finally break free from patterns that have kept us stuck for a LONG time. 

At the same time as all of this is happening on May 16th, the Sun and North Node in Taurus, as well as the Moon and the South Node in Scorpio, are ALL squaring slow-moving Saturn in Aquarius. 

Dendera Hathor bull Saturn

Saturn, often portrayed as a black bull in ancient Khemit, is fighting against what wants to be revealed. Saturn, in this challenging transit, wants to keep the old structures and regimes in place. But Mars & Neptune, the Sun & Moon, and the Nodes are all demanding that wounds & patterns from the past must be brought into the light so they can be healed – And old structures & institutions must be demolished – In order that the new Aquarian visions, communities, and philosophies of the future can be grounded and implemented sooner rather than later. It’s quite a tug of war, and each of us humans are likely to feel this push-and-pull between holding onto the old vs. surrendering to the new, very strongly within our bodies and our emotions on the eclipse day, as well as a day or two on either side of May 16th

Keep in mind, as with all alchemical transformations, it’s important to really FEEL all of what’s happening. Try not to run or turn away from the revelations that come up for you most strongly at this time. Instead, embrace them. Look your shadows in the eye, and you will find that they have important messages to share that will guide you into an incredible new future, when you find the courage to face them with truth and honor. 

The remainder of May carries an accelerating energy. The Sun moves into intellectual Gemini on May 21st. Welcome to Gemini season! Under the influence of Gemini powers, you may find yourself feeling extra social & talkative. This is a great time to get together with friends and chat about all of the catalyzing events of the recent eclipse. Your mind may become filled with brilliant ideas & opportunities, and it can get overwhelming because you just don’t know which one to focus on next. You will probably discover that suddenly, you have 300 tabs open in your web browser! Gemini issues!

Seshat Kom Ombo

The sign of Gemini is connected to the illustrious Egyptian Neter Thoth, along with his consort, Seshat, who are credited with introducing written and oral language, mathematics, architecture, science & medicine, astrology, astronomy, and alchemy into the consciousness of ancient civilizations. When we are standing in our Gemini power, we feel how our awareness is deeply interconnected with the vast intelligence of the Cosmos, and we know that we can solve any problem … we can chart any map … we can even rebuild the Library of Alexandria! Be sure to harness these potent Gemini energies to deepen into your role as a student and/or teacher, figure out the title of your next book, or stand outside at night and chart the stars and constellations. In very ancient Khemit, everyone embodied the wisdom of the Neteru and were considered ‘Sesh’, all equally divine.  We are all Seshat.  We only need to wake up and remember that we have the wisdom and magic of Thoth and Seshat within us.

Mars moves into his home sign of Aries on May 25th. The positive side of Mars in Aries is courage, confidence, and finding new ways to take action. But be careful that you do not fall into the negative aspects of Mars, which include aggression, confrontation, and an overly strong use of control. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde at this point, so rather than taking up arguments or driving too fast (which might seem like a good idea during this time), we should instead take things slowly, reflect and review, and spend more time adjusting our inner world than trying to change our external reality. 

Venus in Aries comes to a square with Pluto in Capricorn on May 27th, resurrecting a theme that came up for you during the Venus retrograde that occurred from December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022. Now is a time to integrate the lessons of that Venus Rx and come to deep new understandings about your relationships or your sense of how you value yourself. Take some time to journal on this, and notice how significantly you have evolved around the Venusian themes of love, beauty, relationships, inner & outer values, and integrity over the last 4 months, since January 2022. 

Our final important transit for May is a New Moon (but not an eclipse this time!) on May 30th, with both the Sun and Moon together at 9 degrees of Gemini. At the time of the New Moon, beneficent Jupiter is conjunct with fierce warrior Mars at 3 degrees of Aries, and sextile to the New Moon. When Jupiter and Mars join together, which happens about once every 2 years, you’ll feel more physically strong than usual, as well as extra attractive and charismatic. You may begin a new relationship at this time, because your confidence is running high and you’ll be feeling extra passionate. You can also be very inspiring and motivating to others. Just be careful not to overdo it! Overconfidence and leading with the ego are the potential downsides of this transit. You may also receive financial gains or new career success at this time. 

In the collective, Mars conjunct Jupiter is generally favorable; however, if governmental leaders are feeling overly confident or feeling a need to seize control (the negative side of this transit), Mars-Jupiter can indicate a time when aggressive or war-inducing actions are taken. We sincerely hope this will not be the case in May! 

New Moons are potent times for setting intentions and planting new seeds, and this New Moon in Gemini, at the end of the 3-week Mercury Rx, is perfect for creating a new Vision Statement. Imagine yourself as the Egyptian Neter, Thoth and scribe your plans & intentions around your studies, research, new interests, and upcoming projects; as well as your intentions around continuing the potent confidence and courage of the Mars-Jupiter transit! 

Ma’a Salama  (Peace be with you)

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