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“Perspective is always limited by how much you know.  Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.” ― Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

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Becoming Citizens of the World: How Travel Transforms Us

It's been around five and half years now since Amy and I left New York City for the world. We've since traveled to over 28 countries and have had more experiences to count, including some of the highest highs...

Living the Life of an Adventure Photographer

My ‘day job’ is mechanical technician, but any opportunity I have in my free time, I like to spend taking pictures in nature.  I would say that I identify most with the outdoor adventurer culture.  I hope to...

Where to Next? Six Serene Sights to See

German landscape photographer Nils Leonhardt shares his top six favorite places to see and experience around the world. Pairing travel with his passion for capturing unique and natural points in time means...


Ancient Wisdom of the Shamans for a Modern World

The Toltecs believe that everyone is an Awakened One, but it is the Shamans whose eyes are open to this realization.  My family has said it's always about service to nature. Guess where you “wake up?” In...

Caroline Manière: The Wisdom of Empowerment on Canvas

Caroline Manière’s art is the result of a beautiful collision and fusion of inspirations. Born in Dijon, France, Caroline’s Father inspired her to draw illustrations for her poetry books. It wasn’t until...

The Transformational Power Of Nature & Sacred Geometry

  Our modern world is moving too fast and it is full of distractions.  It is overwhelming and chaotic.  I think this is because we have attempted to recreate something that already exists within us; a...


Marking Time and Space at Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe, a massive site that consists of a series of mostly circular and oval-shaped structures that sit on the top of a hill, said to be 12,000 years old or more, is set in the Southeastern Anatolia...

Neith, As Queen Bee, Weaves the Fabric of Our Reality

It is no accident that bees are significant symbols of wisdom, fertility and the sacred feminine. The geometric design of their honey combs reflects the fabric of the universe as the dress or ‘veil’ of the...

Seshat Offers Us the Scale & Tools for Measuring Time & Space

The Netert Seshat symbolizes sacred geometry, mathematics and the understanding of the energetic architecture and patterning of the structural form that flows in nature. She wears the leopard skin that was...


Native Naturalist Lifeways With Nomadics Tipis

In 2008, I was sitting at my home computer and had the urge to find a “smudge stick,” a bundle of sage used to purify a space. I’d never owned one and had no idea what to do with it, but decided for some...

Nature’s Call For Collective Sustainability – Jackson Hole & Beyond

Has there ever been a special place that you’ve visited, held in your heart, and fondly remembered long after you left?  A safe haven and a place above all others that will always be special to you, that...

Adventures & Perspectives of Award Winning Photographer Reuben Krabbe

There are a few moments of action that are so transformative that they really deserve everyone's attention. So, I'm not always focusing on that peak action, gnarly, big jump. Instead, I like to try and shoot...


Grow Your Own Food: Benefits of Connecting with the Soil

Growing your own vegetables is one of the most rewarding processes.  It’s such a magical experience to witness the process from seed to vegetable and the invaluable lessons that are learnt along the way....

The Difference of Tinctures, Tisanes, Infusions & Decoctions in Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is enchanting because it is simultaneously an art, craft, and science. It’s an art to formulate and be a matchmaker between people and plants. It’s a science to inquire about why and how herbs...

Getting Creative With Movement

If there is one thing I have learnt after nearly a decade in clinical chiropractic practice, it’s how important it is to look after your body.  Watching someone walk into my office bent over and stuck in an...

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