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The Grand Return, Inc. is an Agri-Food tech and purpose-driven media company based in the United States with a global mission to facilitate a return to a more connected and sustainable way of living. 

“Perspective is always limited by how much you know.  Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.”  Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

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Becoming Citizens of the World: How Travel Transforms Us

We were making the world a more familiar place, connecting with everyone around us, indulging in new cultures and experiences, becoming citizens of the world.

Living the Life of an Adventure Photographer

In contrast to video, there is this extraordinary ability to stop time with still photo and to capture the feeling and mood of a moment with incredible succinctness.

Where to Next? Six Serene Sights to See

As soon as you are immersed, nature becomes a complete aesthetic experience.

Life Expression Through Art

Painting, sculpture, music, literature and the other arts, it has been said, are considered the repository of a society’s collective memory.

Ancient Wisdom of the Shamans for a Modern World

The Toltecs believe that everyone is an Awakened One, but it is the Shamans whose eyes are open to this realization.

Caroline Manière: The Wisdom of Empowerment on Canvas

I decided to paint women, each one as if they came back from traveling with a key, a revelation, a secret of transformation.


Matter, Charge and Electromagnetism- Manifestations of Bending Space

Space is an interesting component to use as the foundation of a unified science, since classically space is empty, devoid of substance.

Alchemy of Transformation: Scarab Beetle Symbolizes New Beginnings

The scarab beetle represents the seed of consciousness migrating through stages and ages of conscious awareness in our perception of time…

Marking Time and Space at Göbekli Tepe

In ancient Egypt, the highest priests were astrologers and astronomers who mapped out the movement of the stars to track transforming…


How Living Wall & Green Roof Systems Are Changing Our World

One of the largest installers of solar energy systems, living walls, and green roofs in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S., SolTerra…

Polar Bears Are Connecting People to Nature Through Surging EcoTourism

As ice retreats, polar bears, or Ursus maritimus, have become synonymous with focusing our collective attention on climate change.

Native Naturalist Lifestyles With Nomadics Tipis

Having only a cotton membrane to separate you from the outside world, you hear and feel the intimate presence of the life around you.


The Paramount Role of Regenerative Agriculture on the Human Microbiome

Rodney Dietert, PhD. reveals how regenerative agriculture, our food & food systems impact the human microbiome, our immune systems & vitality

Grow Your Own Food: Benefits of Connecting with the Soil

There’s something to be said about the energetic attachment from eating food from your own backyard that you put love and energy into.

The Difference of Tinctures, Tisanes, Infusions & Decoctions in Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is enchanting because it is simultaneously an art, craft, and science. It’s an art to formulate and be a matchmaker…


Red Clover Herbal Tea

This simple red clover herbal tea recipe is highly medicinal and nutritional. A great source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C and

Gluten-Free Peach & Almond Olive Oil Cake

This gorgeous gluten-free peach & almond cake recipe is packed with protein to build & repair the body & dietary fibre to support gut health

Nettle Walnut Pesto

With a fresh and zesty taste, everyone is sure to love this walnut pesto! The recipe uses stinging nettle, which helps to keep allergies at bay

Beetroot & Kumera Quiche

Beetroot & Kumera Quiche

This kumera quiche with beetroot provides plenty of protective antioxidants, crucial for neutralizing cell damaging free radicals.

Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken

Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken

Whether you have an Instant Pot or a traditional slow cooker this recipe is for you! A delicious savory dinner great for the whole family.

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